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On Saturday night my wife Rachel and I went to hear in a pub in the port area of ​​Belfast in a band rhythm and blues. We meet some friends, but did not appear. As usual, there were plenty of German and Dutch sailors in the bar, and regular cyclists and their friends, and when we learned that most of them, there was always someone to talk to. My pornhd wife had put a black blouse and a leather miniskirt, because most of the girls dressed in leather to fit the railing as Rachael spent the first half of the night always know a few girls and dance with a couple of cyclists. That suited me fine because I like dancing. I fell into some riders from Lurgan, I had not seen for years to talk. The band was a hit and I saw one of the Dutch seamen in a conversation with my wife. He was tall and had blond hair and well. He bought a drink and sat down beside her, and when he returned to the bar, sat next to me and asked what Rachaelthe great man wanted. Rachael seemed very nervous and said he thought she was a prostitute, and he offered her £ 100. 00 for sex. 'What did you say to him, ' I asked. Rachael said: 'I told him to buy condoms and I would date him if you agreed to ' has always given me a choice of Rachel and she had admitted having sex on a dozen times pornhd a night with other pornhd men when she gets up and was in the games, but this was different. I said I do not think there was a good idea, but it was her. The man of the sea left the bathroom, Rachael nodded and left. Rachael kissed me and told me to wait until I return to the Dutch saw before leaving the bar. Rachael then followed him outside. I sat there for a few minutes to think about what had happened. I felt a mixture of disgust and enthusiasm at the same time. I could not bare and was no longer oitside. They were nowhere to be seen, so I walked down the street and heardThe noise of an entry made in the back of the bar. The sailor was on the steps of the fire escape and kissed Rachael sit while wanking his cock big and fat. Suddenly he stood up and lifted her skirt, revealing pornhd top and average g- string. Rachael took his chain, and the pornhd sailor put his arms around her and lifted into the air. Rachael wrapped her legs around his waist and helped lead his fat dick between her lips. I heard Rachael gasped as his cock was deep inside and then I heard her say, ' Fuck me, I ride hard,' as she hung from his neck. The Dutchman drove his cock deeper into her and pushed pornhd her hips back to meet his every stroke. He was bucking for hours, while I pornhd stood there and stared into the darkness. The sailor picked up speed, and I heard him groan as he came to my wife. Rachael screamed, as her own orgasm overtook her, and she clung to pornhd his neck and said, 'Oh, shit ' over and over again. She held no for minutes and then lowered her legs and rested when he returned to his balence. Rachael kiss the man and thanked him, before walking through the entrance for me. I stayed in the shadows, and I have not seen her step. I gave him a minute and joined her in my car and said : '. I want to go now,' in the way he told me that although he had already paid for Rachael, fuck man anyway . She said she just wanted to know what it means to sell yourself to feel.
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